At the Learning Lab, we are interested in the way kids think, learn, and grow.  We partner with teachers, parents, and community members to understand how learning happens at school, at home, and in every-day interactions.

One of our big goals is to identify the best ways to teach kids how to think creatively about math and science and how to approach problems like experts.  We have developed and are testing research-based 5th and 6th grade math lessons that are meant to help kids make connections and improve their understanding of math concepts.

Our other projects explore international education practices, how children learn to make comparisons, and the effects of pre-testing on long term learning.

We look forward to working with you and welcome your feedback and questions!


Principal Investigator

Dr. Lindsey Richland

Associate Professor of Comparative Human Development and the Committee on Education at the University of Chicago.


Department of Comparative Human Development

1115 E. 58th St.

Chicago, IL 60637

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at or 773-702-0967.

The Learning Lab is a part of the University of Chicago Center for Early Childhood Research.

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